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A Cannibal Woman in the Avocado Jungle of Death

Possessed of Lusty & Unashamed Appetites

Empress of All I Survey
Death of a bookworm foretold: "Current signs are that you will someday be found,
presumably by neighborhood children, crushed beneath your TBR pile, long striped feet
sticking out from under the books like those of a bibliophiliac Wicked Witch of the East."

Top 10(ish) Books
1. Dorothy Dunnett - the Lymond series
2. David Foster Wallace - A Supposedly Fun Thing I Will Never Do Again
3. Carl Sagan - The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human
Intelligence\The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

4. Laura Kinsale - The Shadow and the Star
5. Megan Whalen Turner - Queen of Attolia
6. Dorothy Sayers - Gaudy Night
7. Alison Weir - The Life of Elizabeth I
8. Ursula K. Le Guin - The Left Hand of Darkness
9. Margaret Atwood - The Handmaid's Tale
10. Umberto Eco - The Name of the Rose
11. Frank Herbert - Dune

My life is run by a portly old beagle-mutt, a hyper lab-hound puppy, and a rowdy
foundling kitty.

in short: flaming history geek, w/ many addictions: books, movies, shoes, books,
SFF (Star Wars, LOTR, HP), books, Francis Crawford of Lymond, costume dramas,
books, etc. Did I mention books? Books, yay.

Secular humanist/skeptic:
"I have too many questions to comfortably believe in anything."
pretty much says it all as far as I'm concerned.

Equally INTP/INTJ. Bleeding-heart liberal/progressive. Proudly feminist.
Anti-racism/bigotry/prejudice. Equal rights for everybody: "Ain't nobody free
'til everybody's free."


"The rules are straightforward: I am omnipotent, omniscient, and
I have a low boredom threshold. You are quite interesting, or there'll
be trouble. If all else fails, each of you is able, at least, to make an
interesting noise."

"He is the lover of his country who rebukes it and does not excuse its sins." -Frederick Douglass

"I knew in my heart by pure logic that any man who calls himself a religious leader
and owns more than one suit is a hustler as long as there is someone in the world
who has no suit at all." —Lenny Bruce

"We make our world significant by the courage of our questions
and the depth of our answers." -Carl Sagan

Sapere Aude! Dare to know - have the courage to use your own understanding.

"By jingo, am I ever! I am like the dickens! I'm off to be a pirate, I do declare,
yes sir, by cracky! I'm for a life that'll blow your miserable stifling tut-tuttery
into a cocked hat like a row of ninepins!" - Sandy Courier

naeelah: "only gornishka would try on a pair of boots and ask,
'Do they look Han Solo?'"

"Behold my greatness! Bathe ye all in the pleasure of my general proximity!" "I'm so
handsome, there's a six-month waiting list for birds to suddenly appear whenever I am

It's been said that I have a fairly healthy ego.

Shakespeare : it's like cheesecake, you just can't get enough.

Journal layout occasionally courtesy of thefulcrum.

80s cartoons, abhorsen, aclu, agnosticism, akira kurosawa, ancient history, anne of green gables, archaelogy, art nouveau, arthurian studies, astronomy, atheism, avatar: the last airbender, band of brothers, beagles, black humor, blade runner, books, bookstores, byzantine empire, byzantium, carl sagan, cartography, cary grant, cate blanchett, chaos theory, cheops, chess, children's literature, chocolate, chuck jones, civil liberties, civil rights, cosmology, costume design, cowboy bebop, cross-cultural mythology, dave barry, david foster wallace, david the gnome, depeche mode, discworld, dorothy dunnett, dune, east european history, eiko ishioka, eleanor of aquitaine, elizabeth i, eric bana, esoteric stuff, ethics, etymology, ewan macgregor, fairy tales, feminism, firefly, folklore, foyle's war, francis crawford of lymond, freaks and geeks, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, gary oldman, geekery, gerard manley hopkins, gilbert blythe, gormenghast, gregory peck, han solo, harry potter, haute coutoure, high middle ages, history, house md, human rights, indiana jones, ireland, iroh, italian language, james franco, james mcavoy, jane austen, joseph campbell, julian kestrel, kate winslet, kriegspiel, lawrence of arabia, libraries, linguistics, literature, loose women, lord of the rings, lord peter wimsey, lymond, mad men, marcus aurelius, martha costello, medieval history, mildmay the fox, monica bellucci, mordred, motown music, movies, mythology, nerds, new wave, nick drake, obscure history, opera, orphan black, philosophy, physics, pi, pre-raphaelite art, queen's thief, reading, remus lupin, reproductive rights, ridley scott, romance novels, russian language, satire, science, science fiction, scotland, secular humanism, semiotics, sewing, shakespeare, shoes, skepticism, spock/uhura, stanley kubrick, star wars, swashbuckling, the big bang theory, the silk road, theoretical physics, travel writing, u2, umberto eco, unabridged dictionaries, used book stores, used bookstores, wb yeats, william holden, words, writing, zen buddhism


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